Cheat sheets for Maldon

Hi rockstars, I’ve made some shortcut cheat sheets with the idea that a lot of the songs will be familiar enough now that we can rely on a line here or a quick look at the chords to remind us of how they go

I’ve included in this post a word version because I know this won’t be a one size fits all kind of thing. Some of you will need less prompt than others and I recommend that you edit to suit your own needs

My goal is to get mine down to 1 page per set

don’t worry about printing these out for tonight. i already have some printed

PDFs ( for printing)

Eclectic ukelectix cheat

Eclectic ukelectix cheat2

Word docs (for editing)

Eclectic ukelectix cheat

Eclectic ukelectix cheat2

Beginners uke workshop this Saturday morning in Bendigo – Blues uke workshop in Guildford in the afternoon followed by AJ & the Outright Lies

Hi Folks, Mark Jackson is holding Beginners workshop this Saturday. Here’s what he has to say for himself

Hey Bendigo friends. Would you kindly share this event? I’m running a Beginners Ukulele Workshop next Saturday at Muso’s Stuff – Bendigo. I’m coming down from Newcastle for Laurie‘s 60th. Looking forward to hanging at The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery & Cafe. Thanks to Peter for helping to coordinate things (and for this piccie from donkey’s years ago – look closely in the middle, underneath the pink ukulele).

I’m still on about community. It’s what I learned most about living in Bendigo. The uke is such a superb way to create and sustain community. It’s all about the music and coming together to enjoy making it.

…and here’s the link to the event…

3.30pm if you know anyone who wants to go to the Blues Uke workshop and 7pm Alawishus Jones & the Outright Lies at the Guildford pub