instrumental group reminder

Hi folks, I thought it might be worth sending out a reminder for uke nights until we get back into the swing of things

If you did not attend last week and you would like to come tonight please let me know you are coming

Also, I noticed after last week that the hand sanitiser was still pretty full. Maybe I didn’t put it in an obvious enough spot
Aside from the 4 tunes we looked at last week, we can play some of the songs we already know as instrumentals. Autumn Leaves fro example. There are bound to be lots of others. put your thinking caps on
See yuz tonight

Playlist of listening material

Hi folks, it was great fun to be in the room with a bunch of ukulele players again. I look forward to it again Wednesday

In the meantime here is the spotify playlist i promised you. happy listening


follow up on previous post – “let’s play uke again” – instrumental group – interest???

Sooooooooo, apparently there are different rules for singing groups because of the high concentration of aerosols created when people sing.

I would be interested in working on some instrumental stuff if there is enough interest

In fact, I’ve already been hatching a plan for some gypsy jazz ukulele adventures

It would begin next week (17th June) at the usual time 6 – 7.30pm

Stay safe, Pete