Maldon update – performance times

Great practice tonight….if there is anyone who wants to camp that I don’t already have down as camping. Please let me know and I’ll see what i can do. Same goes for partner tickets. We don’t always get them but send me names and I’ll see what I can do. People do not need tickets to see us perform as everything in the streets is free

Our 1st performance will be 9.30am Saturday beginning at the market (venue 9) see map
then onto the festival office (venue 13)

We will have a 2nd performance Saturday arvo 2pm. Meet outside the Maldon hotel

I have a workshop 11am – 2pm on Sunday. If anyone is available to give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated

3rd performance 2pm Sunday meeting a the Maldon hotel again

Wear something colorful and/or outrageous…..Hawaiian shirts or your hippy wear from last year’s BB&R

It will be better to stand. It looks better and you end up having more fun but for those who can’t I will get some seats from Musos Stuff

Please share music stands (if you need them) and don’t forget to bring pegs

Remember, Have fun. Don’t stress. no-one ever died from a wrong chord or a forgotten lyric…’s gunna be great!