CMVic Marimbalele Weekend

Hi Folks, this on in a couple of weeks it’s going to be be a great weekend of music-making.  – marimbas, ukeleles, and lots more. I’ll be leading some sessions, along with 7 other amazing musicians and workshop leaders.
I’d be really love to see you there! It’s gunna be a hoot!!!!

for more info including cost and accommodation etc –

A weekend of music-making for all
ages, all skill levels, all musical
interests. Marimbas and ukuleles
(thus ‘Marimbalele’) – but also
singing, brass instruments, wacky
invented instruments, fiddles. . .
Commencing 7pm Fri with departure on 4pm Sun, sessions will cater for people who’ve never played a marimba or a ukulele as well as building some skills and repertoire in those who have played before. Try new songs, new techniques, meet new people, play with friends. Children welcome.

Something for everyone! A terrific Saturday night concert!

Our workshop leaders will be:

Jon Madin
Andy Rigby
Joseph Bromley (here’s an example of Joseph’s marimba and ukulele sessions held at CMVic Treetops Camp in May)
Alena Schneider
Peter Gavin
Dani Rocca
Phil Melgaard
Aaron Silver
The programme will include a wide range of workshops, e.g. marimba favourites, kids’ session, beginner ukulele, tricky marimba playing, wacky instruments (Jon Madin’s echocellos, dingboxes, musical bikes etc), singing with instruments, African rhythms, a touch of reggae, classic uke songs. Probably some ‘spaghetti Western’ hits. Sure-fire marimba pieces to get children playing. A grand parade… and lots more.