outstanding performace at the BB&Roots 2012

Well, what great night Thursday. We got together for a last run through. The ‘Uke Joint Jumpers’ performed their set for the ‘Uke Muster’ & visa versa  and we practiced the ‘super group’ version of Motherless Child. After which we dined and was merry, but not too merry ‘cos we needed to be professional later on.

We got to the venue nice and early so we could soak up a bit of the vibe and be merry, (but not too merry). Then came our turn and to my surprise and delight, the audience had stuck around( well it was late on a Thursday night & we were the last act). Weren’t they delighted that they had, ‘cos we slayed them like only a well rehearsed ukulele ensemble can.

Well done everyone.